Save Hundreds on These Popular Breville Smart Ovens, Thanks to This Rare Sale

This is one countertop appliance that won't collect dust in your kitchen.
This is one countertop appliance that won't collect dust in your kitchen. / Breville/Amazon
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Some kitchen appliances are so sought after, they rarely go on sale online. Case in point? The Breville Smart Oven Pro, the innovative smart gadget that's designed to work like a toaster, pizza oven, broiler, roaster, and slow cooker, all in one. This top-rated item is highly coveted by foodies and busy families alike, but almost never drops in price—that is, until now.

For a limited time at Sur La Table and Amazon, you can save hundreds of dollars on select Breville smart ovens, including the Pro. That model, originally priced anywhere from $350 to $525 depending on the retailer, is on sale for $224 right now across the board, so you could save up to about $301.

Breville Smart Oven Pro with desserts coming out of it onto the kitchen countertop
Breville Smart Oven Pro / Breville/Sur La Table

The Breville Smart Oven Pro in particular is a great appliance to add to your kitchen because it has 10 preset functions; you can use it to toast bagels, bake cookies, roast veggies, prepare pork tenderloins, and more. The gadget uses Breville’s Element IQ system, which transfers heat across five quartz elements above and below the food, and has an LCD display screen, two racks that are easy to pull out, and an interior light so you can watch your food as it cooks. There’s even a convection option that'll circulate air inside the device, an extremely useful feature to evenly bake bread and other treats. The oven’s slow-cooker function lets you roast food at a low temperature for up to 10 hours, and the keep-warm feature automatically activates when the meal is ready, maintaining the temperature for up to two hours.

If you love the sound of all this but are looking for a model that takes up less countertop space, you’ll want to check out the Breville Mini Smart Oven. This smaller unit is now marked down to $128 on Amazon and $160 at Sur La Table, respectively (so like the Pro, you could save anywhere from $52 to $110, depending on the retailer). Like the Smart Oven Pro, this version uses Element IQ technology, but it only has eight preset functions (don't worry, it can still fit pizzas and pies). Impressively, though, it has three rack positions, works well on frozen foods, and offers the “A Bit More” option in case your dish needs an extra 30 seconds of prep time.

Head over to Amazon or Sur La Table to get your hands on one of these Breville smart ovens before the deals expire.

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