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Common Misconceptions About Drugs

Ellen Gutoskey
Just say no.
Just say no. / Couperfield/Shutterstock

Despite what you may have heard, the class of recreational drugs known as “bath salts” doesn’t cause cannibalism. In fact, the incident that popularized that connection didn’t even involve bath salts. In 2012, a Florida man bit off a significant portion of another Florida man’s face—but the attacker’s toxicology report didn’t turn up any trace of bath salts.

That’s one of many myths and misunderstandings about drugs that Mental Floss host Justin Dodd is tackling on this episode of Misconceptions. Do study drugs like Adderall unlock extra brain capacity like the miracle pill from the 2011 Bradley Cooper-starring thriller Limitless? Will PCP give you Hulk-like powers of strength? Can guzzling a couple cups of coffee actually counteract your alcohol intoxication?

Press play below for those answers and more.

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