Dolly Parton’s New ‘Doggy Parton’ Collection Features Pet Clothes, Accessories, and More

A few Doggy Partons gazing at their idol.
A few Doggy Partons gazing at their idol. / (Dolly Parton) Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage/Getty Images (Dogs) Doggy Parton/Amazon
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Every product that Dolly Parton puts out there is even more fun than the last—from perfume, home goods, and cake mixes to a mystery novel co-written with James Patterson. The Queen of Country just outdid herself yet again with a new clothing collection for her furriest fans: your pets

“‘Puppy Love’ was my very first record and [six] decades later, my love for pets is stronger than ever. This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys and more with a little ‘Dolly’ flair,” Parton said in statement.

As Insider reports, the collection is heavily inspired by the style of Tennessee’s most beloved living legend. Some items tacitly ask the important questions—for example, why choose between a tiara and a cowgirl hat when you can wear a tiara and a cowgirl hat? The ‘Doggy Parton’ version ($10) is bright pink and lined with white faux fur.

doggy parton cowgirl hat
There's a strap to keep it in place. / Doggy Parton/Amazon

Others ensure that your pooch will be the best dressed diva at any dog park. There’s a pink cowgirl dress ($15) to match the aforementioned hat; plenty of red gingham ($15) for any barnyard dog at heart; and some vintage-looking T-shirts ($13) emblazoned with the face of Dolly herself.

doggy parton vintage shirt on a dog
Dolly has more hair than this cutie. / Doggy Parton/Amazon

The Dollywood founder’s well-documented love for butterflies is also on full display throughout the collection. Your pet could sport a pink pearl necklace ($10) with a butterfly charm or snuggle up with a pink plush toy ($10) shaped like a butterfly. 

doggy parton butterfly plush toy and dog
Best buds. / Doggy Parton/Amazon

In keeping with her philanthropic reputation, Parton is donating a portion of the profits to Willa B. Farms Animal Rescue. Based in Old Hickory, Tennessee, the nonprofit rehabilitates animals in need before helping them find their forever homes.

The collection is currently available on Amazon, and the official ‘Doggy Parton’ website will apparently start stocking items soon, too. To stay in the know about where else to find the products, you can register for updates here.

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