You Can Save $170 on This Two-in-One Robot Vacuum That Shoppers Say Is Great on All Types of Flooring

So quiet, even the rest of the family won't mind it.
So quiet, even the rest of the family won't mind it. / eufy
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When it comes to buying a robot vacuum, the options can feel overwhelming. Some, like the much-loved eufy 11S, are ultra-slim and lightweight, so they're ideal for cleaning under sofas, beds, and other hard-to-reach areas. On the flip side, these iRobot Roomba models are loaded with enough cool features (case in point: they can empty themselves out) to make them seem well worth their respective $400-plus price tags.

But if you're looking for a unit that's somewhere in between—compact but also boasts some impressive smart tech and two-in-one functionality—then the eufy by Anker RoboVac G30 Hybrid is a little 'bot worth splurging on. Right now on Amazon, you can get it for its lowest price ever, so instead of paying $370, you can get it for about $200.

Close-up of smart phone with details about the eufy robot vacuum app interface.
The app makes it easy to schedule sessions, look over your home's cleaning history, and more. / eufy / Amazon

This 4.4-star-rated device offers plenty of perks. One of the biggest is that it works as both a vacuum and mop. As a vac, it provides up to 2000 Pascal pressure units (Pa) of suction power, enough to collect dirt and assorted debris across all flooring surfaces. Using the brand's proprietary Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 system, the G30 Hybrid can navigate swiftly around your pad, creating and following the most efficient routes based on maps it'll make of your home's interior. It features nine built-in infrared sensors to prevent it from bumping into walls and other obstacles that might be in its path—and for added convenience, it has two additional sensors to detect the boundary strips you establish. You can even sync it to Alexa or Google Assistant for total voice-activated control, and once it's done cleaning, this gadget will send a full report of everything that was picked up straight to your smartphone and compare it to prior cleaning sessions, so you'll have a better idea of just how clean your floors now are.

Because the G30 Hybrid is a newer addition to the eufy fleet, it doesn't have as many reviews as other models, but nearly 70 percent of Amazon shoppers who have tried it absolutely love it, with one customer describing it as "so fun" to use, and another claiming they were impressed by how effective the mop feature turned out to be. "I was pleasantly surprised at the good job this machine did on my laminate and stone floors. It even made it over the transition molding between rooms with no problem," they wrote.

Love the idea of a robot vacuum but are worried your cat or dog will hate it? Several pet parents who have used the G30 Hybrid claim it hasn't bothered their animals, and is terrific for getting rid of pet hair. "I have [two] cats and get a lot of hair and litter box tracks. [This robot vacuum] does a great job at picking it all up on both my hardwood and [carpeted] areas," one user wrote.

While the G30 Hybrid is still more expensive than the brand's flagship robot vacuum, the eufy 11S (currently on sale for $140), there's only a $60 price difference between them right now and you're getting a much greater value with the G30 Hybrid, thanks to all of its smart tech and two-in-one functionality. Grab it now for $200 and you'll save $170 on Amazon in the process.