LEGO’s Collectible Christmas Tree Fits Three Festive Designs Into One Set

Deck the halls with more cute LEGO designs.
Deck the halls with more cute LEGO designs. / LEGO
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For many LEGO fans, unboxing and building the toy company’s annual Christmas tree has become a treasured holiday tradition. Each year ahead of the season, LEGO releases a special tree set in a limited-edition design. This time around, customers can get three festive evergreen models for the price of one.

The 2022 Christmas tree set is already available to purchase from the LEGO online store. It consists of 784 pieces that can be set up in multiple ways. For a show-stopping centerpiece, you can arrange all of the interlocking bricks into a decked-out tree that stands 11 inches from its base to the star.

Fortunately for indecisive builders, this gift keeps on giving. If you get bored staring at the same configuration from Halloween through Thanksgiving, you can take it apart and rearrange the blocks to make two smaller trees. The medium design measure 9 inches tall and the smaller model tops out at 6 inches.

Eleven-inch-tall design option for the 2022 LEGO Christmas tree set.
Eleven-inch-tall design option for the 2022 LEGO Christmas tree set. / LEGO

Suitable for ages 12 and up, the set makes a great early holiday present for young tinkerers. It has plenty to offer older LEGO enthusiasts as well, whether they’re building a serious collection or looking for unique Christmas decor for their home. The annual LEGO Christmas tree is currently available for $79 on Amazon, and for $45 through the LEGO store.

You don’t need to wait for a limited-edition set to decorate your home with LEGO. You can use your brick assortment at home to make plastic wreaths, gingerbread houses, and other seasonal items. Here are more tips for making holiday ornaments with LEGO pieces.