Keep Bugs Outside Where They Belong With This Magnetic Screen Door That’s Now on Sale for $22

No need to invest in an expensive sliding door when this magnetic screen door is on sale.
No need to invest in an expensive sliding door when this magnetic screen door is on sale. / Augo/Amazon/pashapixel/iStock/Getty Images

If you want to enjoy the fresh air and comforting breezes of summer without letting winged gangs of bloodthirsty mosquitoes into your home, then you'll want to take advantage of this easy-to-install magnetic screen door that’s currently on sale on Amazon for just $22.

The 4.5-star-rated Augo magnetic screen door measures 38 inches by 83 inches and comes with Velcro-like strips that attach to the door frames in your home for an easy setup. The screen itself is divided into two halves that seal together thanks to two rows of magnets that run down the entire length of each side. The door keeps the bugs out while it’s closed, but the polyester mesh material is breathable enough to let that beautiful summer air come through. And don't worry about those magnets being a pain to deal with: You and your pets will be able to walk through the door easily, and the sides will instantly snap back together behind you. This is perfect for people who have guests over for summer barbecues often or have dogs (or kids) that are always running in and out into the backyard.

Child and dog standing on a porch in front of a Augo magnetic screen door
Augo magnetic screen door / Augo/Amazon

One reviewer who owns several big dogs raved about the product's durability, writing, "My dogs have not made any impact on this screen so far. Everything from the magnetics to the Velcro has held up with no wear at all." Another praised how the material helps keep unwanted guests out, saying, "I've been using the Augo for a week now, and I've only had 1 fly get [in] that entire time."

Take a look at the bestselling Augo magnetic screen door on Amazon while it’s still on sale for 27 percent off.