Hasbro Unveils New ‘Monopoly’ Edition Based on ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’

It's-a Monopoly!
It's-a Monopoly! / Hasbro/Amazon
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If your main reaction to The Super Mario Bros. Movie (or even just the trailer) was to marvel at all the untapped real estate potential within the story, have we got a game for you.

Hasbro just released a new edition of Monopoly specifically inspired by the film. Instead of taking up a top hat or thimble, players choose between Princess Peach’s crown, Mario’s cap, Luigi’s flashlight, Toad’s frying pan, Donkey Kong’s barrel, and a Super Mushroom. You make your purchases not with dollars, but with coins (and, naturally, you collect two every time you pass go).

As for what exactly those purchases will be, players have their pick of all the notable locations in the movie—from Brooklyn, where Mario and Luigi start out working as plumbers, to Peach’s pink-turreted castle. The Mushroom Forest, the Warp Zone, the Dark Lands, and Rainbow Road are also on the map, along with plenty of other spots.

Rich Uncle Pennybags, a.k.a. Mr. Monopoly (who, contrary to popular belief, never wore a monocle), is nowhere in sight. But Bowser looms large: The fiery villain prowls the board, stealing money and property with reckless abandon. There are also Question Block and Bowser’s Fury cards, which contain directives that can help or hurt your progress, respectively.

super mario bros. movie monopoly board
It's all analog. / Hasbro/Amazon

It’s not the only Super Mario–themed Monopoly game on the market. There are a couple editions inspired by the video games: a traditional one ($33) and a simplified version for kids ($21). But if you want to play out the new movie in board game form, this latest iteration is exactly that. It’s currently available from Amazon or Target for $22.