Watch Your Pet From All Angles With The New Furbo Dog Camera That's 20 Percent Off

Check in to see if your dog is having a ruff day.
Check in to see if your dog is having a ruff day. / Furbo
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Though we love our pets, sometimes we have to leave them at home. Saying a brief goodbye to our four-legged pals can be a bummer, but thankfully there are ways to keep in contact while you’re away. Furbo released its first treat-tossing dog camera in 2016 and it's since become a must-have item for many pet parents. Now the brand has improved its design by adding a new rotating feature that lets you see from all angles.

The Furbo 360° dog camera was released in May 2022 and is now available on Amazon. Usually, this gadget would cost you $210, but thanks to an on-page coupon, you can save an extra 20 percent. This deal should lower the cost to $168, so you can pocket $42 in savings.

A Furbo 360 Degree Pet Camera tossing a treat next to a smartphone on a white background.
Furbo 360° Pet Camera / Furbo

Though the original Furbo dog camera was a smash hit, there was one flaw. You had to strategically position it to maximize the built-in, high-definition (HD) camera’s coverage of a room in your home. This fact meant you’d have blind spots that you wouldn’t be able to view. Now, with the new Furbo pet camera, you can place this gadget anywhere in your home, like a coffee table or kitchen island, and it will spin around to show you all the places your pet goes in a given room.

The brand’s app lets you control it remotely and adjust specific features within the camera, like turning and zooming. Similar to the original version, the new Furbo has two-way audio and barking alerts, works with the smart assistant Alexa, and tosses treats. In addition to these features, the latest release also offers color night vision footage and automatic tracking, so the device will monitor your dog or cat both day and night. If you add the Furbo Dog Nanny plan for an additional $7 per month, you’ll even get pet activity and home security alerts, cloud video clip recordings, and daily highlight reels.

Head to Amazon to get the new Furbo 360° dog camera and save 20 percent.