This Tofu Press Gets Rid of Excess Moisture in 30 Minutes or Less—and Now It's on Sale

Save your arm muscles from an excruciating workout.
Save your arm muscles from an excruciating workout. / NOYA/Amazon/Narloch Liberra/iStock/GettyImages
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Whether you’re looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet or want to expand your culinary horizons, tofu is an excellent source of protein that can be great in everything from tacos to stir-fry dishes, and more. No matter how you prepare it, tofu is firmer and better at absorbing spices and sauces if you press it first, as this helps get rid of excess moisture within each spongy block. Some people have DIY pressing methods, but there’s a popular kitchen tool that can save you time by doing the work for you, and now it's marked down.

Through Amazon, you can get the Noya tofu press for a steep discount. Usually, this device goes for $33, but with the current sale, you can save $11. In addition, there’s an on-page coupon you can clip for an extra 10 percent off, so the total price comes to just under $20.

NOYA tofu press comparison on a white background with orange arrows and a dividing line.
The NOYA tofu press comparison: On the left, it's unpressed, and on the right side, it's been pressed. / NOYA/Amazon

This adjustable press is compact and simple to use. To get started, place your block inside the drip tray, then twist the silicone dial to your preferred setting (there are centimeter and inch measurements printed on the outside to help you determine the ideal thickness). The 18/8 stainless steel spring and board will apply about 22 pounds of maximum pressure evenly onto the tofu block. It may take up to about 30 minutes for all the excess moisture to drain away, but once it does, it'll all empty into the built-in water catcher at the bottom of the gadget, and there's a built-in pour spout at the very top to make dumping out all that fluid even easier. Plus, it comes with a marinating cover, so you can use this same container to soak your tofu in sauce or store it for later.

Though this 4.5-star-rated product only has just under 2000 reviews, it has developed an ardent fan base. “It drains out water without creating cracks in the tofu, and the [cheesecloth that] came with it is super handy, saving a lot of paper towels,” one customer wrote. Others have even found this pressing gadget more effective than DIY alternatives. “I love not having to stack dishes and cans on top of my tofu to drain the liquid. And the press works fast[,] faster than the stacking method,” a reviewer wrote.

Head on over to Amazon to check out the Noya tofu press today.