Move Over, Li’l Sebastian: Fisher-Price’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ Little People Set Is Here

Choose your fighter.
Choose your fighter. / Mattel
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What do Cinderella, Jerry Seinfeld, E.T., and Run-DMC all have in common? Fisher-Price has created Little People in their likenesses.

The latest pop culture figures to join that illustrious and eclectic club are four of your favorite characters from NBC’s Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, April Ludgate, and Andy Dwyer.

fisher-price parks and recreation little people set
April is actually happy. / Mattel

As Nerdist reports, the news broke on March 31 as a nod to season 2, episode 21, which takes place on that day; Ron is faced with nearly 100 meetings because April had been scheduling them all for March 31, a date she didn’t think existed.

The 2.75-inch-tall toys themselves reference the show in many ways, too. Leslie wields a waffle (complete with whipped cream, naturally) and sports a 2012 campaign pin; Andy is brandishing his guitar while wearing the apron you usually see him in at the shoe-shining station; April is scowling; and Ron is sporting a Tiger Woods–inspired outfit that only means one thing.

The set is part of Fisher-Price’s Little People Collector line, so feel free to keep it in the box and hope the day will come when it’ll finally be worth a fortune (or at least more than you paid for it). Then again, liberating the figurines from their prismic confines and placing them strategically near the kids in your life might help foster the next generation of Parks and Rec fans. 

Leslie and her fellow Pawnee Little People are currently available from Amazon for $25.

[h/t Nerdist]