This Smart Jump Rope Tracks Your Fitness Progress—And It’s Less Than $20

You can track your fitness goals with this innovative smart jump rope.
You can track your fitness goals with this innovative smart jump rope. / RENPHO
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Whether you’re an on-the-go kind of person or you just want to switch up your exercise routine, a jump rope is a great way to get your heart pumping without a ton of equipment. Jumping rope is a cardio workout that uses many major muscles, including those located in the abdomen, as well as the biceps and hamstrings. You can also use one virtually anywhere, like a back porch, a sidewalk, or even as part of a home gym setup. Right now, yow you can get one of Amazon’s best-selling smart jump ropes on sale.

The RENPHO smart jump rope, which usually costs $20, is now discounted in both colors, black and orange, thanks to on-page coupons. You can save 15 percent on the black option, bringing the price to $17, while the orange version is available for $18, which is 10 percent off the list price.

A woman in background exercising with a RENPHO smart jump rope.
This smart jump rope is app-compatible. / RENPHO/Amazon

Though it’s hard to improve on a classic childhood activity, RENPHO has been able to do just that. This foam-handled rope, which weighs just over half a pound, is made of steel wire that's wrapped in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so it's durable, adjustable up to about 10 feet, and less likely to get tangled up than a traditional alternative. You can also use this rope on most types of flooring, including concrete, wood, and tile.

The Bluetooth-enabled jump rope comes with two batteries to get you started and connects to RENPHO’s Fit app so that you can track your progress and specific measurements, like how many revolutions you can do and how long it takes you to do them. The jump rope does this with the help of three Hall sensors in the handle, which use magnetic fields to accurately keep track of your skips and turns them into data that you can view on the handle’s display screen and in the app. On the foam handle, you'll also find that there are three modes to choose from: free skip, timed skip, and numbers countdown. Using this, you can customize your workouts based on the goals you want to achieve.

This smart jump rope has amassed more than 2200 reviews and a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with many customers saying how happy they are to be jumping rope again. "Great device to get some cardio," one customer wrote. "I like challenging myself and having a tracker is a big motivator to get active and see improvement." Most people like how easy it is to use and set up, too. "It feels light and well balanced in my hands and helps to keep me fit," one shopper wrote.

Head over to Amazon to check out RENPHO's smart jump rope while it’s still on sale.