The Squatty Potty Is One of the Most Successful Products From ‘Shark Tank’—And Now It's on Sale

Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool
Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool / AmazonUs/SQUOK/Amazon
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Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it surely did for Squatty Potty creator Bobby Edwards, who says his mother Judy was it for him. His mother’s chronic constipation led Edwards to create the plastic stool, which is designed to nestle against a toilet and helps users get into a squat-like position (which is supposed to be good for taking care of business). In 2014, Edwards went on Shark Tank and received a $500,000 investment from the “Queen of QVC” Lori Greiner; by the end of 2017, the company reached nearly $33 million in sales.

Now several of the brand’s sleekly designed toilet stools are on sale for a limited time on Amazon. You can get the Oslo folding bamboo stool for 13 percent off, so it's reduced to $39. Initially $55, the Stockholm folding version is marked down to $45, its lowest price in the past 30 days. There isn't a deal happening on the Original Squatty Potty, but you can still get it for $25.

Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool from AmazonUs/SQUOK folded next to a toilet in a bathroom.
Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool / AmazonUs/SQUOK/Amazon

For those unfamiliar with the science of the Squatty Potty, the stool is designed to lift your feet 7 inches above the ground, so you're essentially squatting. Traditionally when sitting on a toilet, your bowels are at a 90-degree angle, creating an uncomfortable experience. With the Squatty Potty, you’re at a 35-degree angle, allowing the puborectalis muscle (which is U-shaped and hugs your colon) to relax. The stool has a subtle slant from back to front, so your feet are in the correct squatting position.

Both the Oslo and Stockholm folding stools are both made from sustainably harvested bamboo. They elevate your legs to the optimal 7-inch height and can fold down to 1.8 inches. Unlike the Original Squatty Potty (which doesn't fold), you can compress either one of these picks down and place them in a dust cover for storage. This is particularly helpful if you live in a smaller apartment or want to keep your bathroom tidy.

Make sure to head to Amazon for these discounts on the Oslo Squatty Potty and Stockholm Squatty Potty stools.