This Top-Rated Leaf Blower Can Make Fall Cleanup A Breeze—And It's Only $20

Fall cleanup? It's in the bag.
Fall cleanup? It's in the bag. / Sun Joe / Amazon
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Autumn foliage can be a sight to behold, especially once the leaves turn crisp and all those vibrant red, yellow, and orange hues take over. It can make your own backyard feel like it belongs on the front of a postcard; if your outdoor space is particularly large, however, it might be cause for some concern.

Rather than rake all those leaves up yourself (and risk the assorted back pains and lost weekends that go with it), make this the season you finally invest in an electric leaf blower. Lucky for you, you can grab one that thousands of shoppers swear by for just $20 on Amazon.

The Sun Joe SBJ597E is a lightweight model that weighs just under 4 pounds and has a built-in, 6-amp motor. It comes in four colors and can generate air speed up to 155 mph, so it definitely packs a punch. Additionally, it has a special nozzle that helps to concentrate the airflow, meaning you’re not just blowing muck and various debris all over the place. When you're done with it, you can even remove that nozzle so it’s easier to stash away in your utility closet or shed.

This electric leaf blower isn’t just for big yards; you can also use it on decks and gutters, or to get rid of grass clippings that might have ended up in your garden. More than 28,000 Amazon reviewers have given it a whirl and more than 75 percent think this budget-friendly tool deserves a 5-star rating.

Beyond affordability, many laud its versatility, with customers claiming they’ve used it to dry their cars after a wash, to clean their cat’s catio, and more. “I loved cleaning my gutters this way,” raved one user. “I knew we would never hire someone and the gutters would keep getting worse and worse. I did this one Saturday afternoon and I'm hooked! It was so satisfying to see all the gunk come down from the sky.”

The Sun Joe SBJ597E is technically on sale right now (it’s usually $21) but the discount is small. If you’re looking for something a bit more vigorous, you can grab the 10-amp, two-speed version that offers a maximum air speed of 215 mph for 12 percent off, so it’s $30 instead of $34. Either way, you'll be poised to crush those fall cleanup goals with this powerhouse at your disposal.