Save Big on This Solar-Powered Robot That Will Deal With Weeds in Your Garden (So You Don’t Have To)

Love gardening but hate weeding? This little robot can help.
Love gardening but hate weeding? This little robot can help. / Tertill Corporation/Amazon
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If you’re looking forward to growing beautiful vegetables or watching as the flowers in your yard begin to bloom this summer, you also probably know that weeds are bound to take root in your garden. You can try sprays, mowing, and homemade remedies, but sometimes they’re ineffective. Now there’s a solar-powered robot that'll stop those pesky, unwanted sprouts in their tracks, and it's on sale.

When you use Amazon's on-page coupon, you can save $99 on the Tertill weeding robot. The device typically costs $349, but once you head to checkout, the total price will drop down to $250.

Parent and child watering plants in a garden next to a Tertill weeding robot
The Tertill weeding robot is solar-powered, so you don't have to stress over how to charge it. / Tertill Corporation/Amazon

Whether you have bad knees, not enough time, or simply don’t like weeding, the gadget is designed to handle this frustrating task so you don't have to. It was created by Joe Jones, the inventor of the Roomba, after he spent time working in his garden and realized a robot built for weeding could easily do the job for him.

But this 'bot doesn't yank weeds; rather, it's meant to stop them from growing in the first place. Its wheels were specifically constructed to scrub the soil and chop errant greenery at their roots. This device can determine the difference between a plant and a weed by using a built-in sensor that measures their relative heights. Additionally, according to the Amazon page, this item has been proven to be as effective as hand weeding by the Cornell School of Agriculture.

Tertill weeding robot on a white background
This robot might seem small, but it's packing plenty of great features. / Tertill Corporation/Amazon

One of the best features of this weather-proof unit is that it’s solar-powered, so you don't have to stress over how to charge it. According to the brand, it works best in gardens no larger than 200 square feet that have a relatively flat, smooth surface. Plus, you'll want to have a 4-inch barrier around your garden with rows of plants spaced apart by about 12 inches. You can use the Tertill on bare soil, compost, bark mulch, and dirt that even has small stones in it. However, it won’t work on sloped areas or grassy surfaces. You should also avoid running it over straw, chunky mulch, and large rocks.

Though this gadget doesn’t have many reviews yet, it still has plenty to offer in terms of making gardening easier. If you still want an easier way to weed but the price of the Tertill robot is still too much for your budget, check out the Grampa's Weeder. This stand-up weeding tool costs $40, has nearly 25,000 reviews with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, and can be extremely useful if you want to avoid bending over to pluck the weeds out of your garden.

Get your own Tertill weeding robot on Amazon today before this on-page coupon disappears.