'The Golden Girls' Get the Children’s Book Treatment in ‘Goodnight, Girls’

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Picture it: Your 4-year-old’s bedroom, 2022. They’re asking for a snack, some water, a few more minutes of Peppa Pig—anything to stall sleep just a bit longer. So you agree to read them a bedtime story. And, as an avid fan of The Golden Girls, you know just the right book for this situation—The Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls, a charming new children’s book about the time Sophia couldn’t get Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose to settle down for some shut-eye at a sleepover.

Though the tale itself isn’t canonical, author Samantha Brooke—who has also written Strawberry Shortcake stories, Magic School Bus adventures, and more—has filled the book’s pages with plenty of elements taken straight from the beloved sitcom.

“As you read it, you pick up on so many things from so many episodes,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “The author wrote it exceptionally well, you can tell she was very in tune with the characters and episodes.”

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Stan and Miles make cameos; cheesecake gets a whole page to itself; and Dorothy pulls out a magic money machine for an at-home round of “Grab That Dough.” Even Rose’s one-eyed pig Larry earns a shout-out. And how does Ma finally get the girls to fall asleep? By telling them a story about Sicily, of course.

As Apartment Therapy points out, the 20-page board book—complete with delightful illustrations by Jen Taylor—is still enjoyable for kids too young to understand all the references. And it’s not the first time a Golden Girl has gotten the children’s book treatment: A Little Golden Book about Betty White was published in 2021.

You can nab a copy of The Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls from Amazon for $9

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