Bada Bing! Here’s Where To Get the New ‘The Sopranos’ Funko Figurines

Show off your love for the acclaimed HBO series with these new Funko Pop! toys.
Show off your love for the acclaimed HBO series with these new Funko Pop! toys. / Funko / Amazon
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There haven’t been any new episodes of The Sopranos since 2007, but fans have been eagerly waiting for more of their favorite characters in any shape or form. Not even the release of The Many Saints of Newark, the 2021 prequel movie starring James Gandolfini's son Michael as a young Tony Soprano, was enough for the show's biggest fans, but—bada bing!—Funko has come in to fill the void. The pop culture-centric toy company has new figures of everyone’s favorite suburban New Jersey crime family and they’re now available for pre-order, with their official release expected later this year.

Major characters from HBO’s The Sopranos are available as six Funko Pop! figures, including Tony Soprano (two versions), Carmela Soprano, Silvio Dante, and Paulie Walnuts dressed in a tracksuit (a Funko Pop! exclusive that's sold on the brand's site). 

Meanwhile, the other five figures can be found on Amazon, such as the standard Tony with his arms crossed, Christopher Moltisanti with a white pastry box, Tony dressed in a bathrobe standing next to a duck (an Amazon Exclusive), and the rest.

The figures are available for $13 each at Amazon; while the Paulie Walnuts figure isn’t available for pre-order yet, it goes for $15 on the Funko website. All of the Funko Pop! TV: The Sopranos figures are expected to drop on Tuesday, December 27.

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