Make a Splash This Summer With These Quick-Drying Utopia Beach Towels

Having fun in the sun never looked so inviting.
Having fun in the sun never looked so inviting. / Utopia Towels / Amazon
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Historically speaking, going to the beach hasn't always been a blast, but for most folks these days, it's one of the big highlights of the summer season. Whether you're sticking stateside or traveling to foreign shores, sprawling out on the sand while you work on your tan can be a lot of fun—provided you have the right essentials. If you're still pulling from the same stack of beach towels that your family used when you were a kid, it might be time to give that old pile the heave-ho. Don't worry, though, because you can get some of the bestselling beach towels on Amazon for a cool discount, just ahead of the 4th of July weekend.

Utopia Towels's beach towels are made from the same ring-spun cotton as their line of absurdly popular kitchen towels, which are legendary online for drying quickly and absorbing everything. Right now, you can get a pack of four beach towels on sale starting at $37, so you're essentially paying about $9 per towel.

A gray and white striped Utopia beach towel draped over a chair on the beach.
Utopia Beach Towels / Utopia Towels / Amazon

If that sounds cheap, that's because it is. If you grabbed Amazon's overall second bestseller in the beach towels category, the Bay Laurel Turkish beach towel, you'd be out around $28 for just a single one. But with Utopia Towels, you're not sacrificing quality for affordability—more than 9000 shoppers have tried this machine-washable four-pack already and nearly 2000 of them give it a five-star rating on the site.

Among the things that customers loved the most? How fluffy they are. "I had low expectations, buying a pack of towels without being able to feel them first," one reviewer wrote. "I was pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the towels, much better than some thinner, cheap beach towels I had bought in the past." At 30 inches by 60 inches, each towel is roughly comparable to a regular bath towel in terms of size, but many users actually dig that and claim it makes these easier to pack for pool or beach trips. "I like that they are normally [sized] towels and not the beach blanket size, which makes them much more manageable for carrying back and forth from the beach in a bag," another shopper wrote.

Choose from 10 combo packs—including two multi-color sets—and get these cabana stripe beach towels for $37 and up on Amazon while this deal is still good.