You Can Now Save $50 On A Dehumidifier That Removes Up to 22 Pints of Water Vapor From The Air

Keep the humidity outside where it belongs this summer.
Keep the humidity outside where it belongs this summer. / Vremi
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With summer comes high humidity, and although some folks don't mind the hot weather, it can be problematic once it creeps into your home. If mold and mildew are things you're specifically trying to avoid this season, a dehumidifier is a must-have, as these devices are designed to remove excess moisture from the air once the humidity starts to rise. They can also be helpful if you're trying to get rid of dust mites before these pesky microscopic organisms potentially affect your health, and for a limited time, you can save on one of Amazon's bestselling models.

The Vremi 22-pint dehumidifier works in rooms up to 1500 square feet and was originally priced at $210, but right now, it's marked down to $160. You can also get this unit for rooms up to 3000 square feet and 4500 square feet, but neither of those sizes are part of this sale.

Vremi 22-pint dehumidifier on a white background
Vremi 22-pint dehumidifier / Vremi/Amazon

This Vremi dehumidifier is an easy-to-use device that will help make your house much more comfortable this summer. The removable water tank is large enough to capture and remove up to 22 pints worth of water vapor from the air each day. In addition, this appliance offers plenty of other innovative features, including customizable settings so you can find the ideal moisture level for your home. You can even run a continuous cycle that’ll automatically shut off when the tank is full. If the power goes out, the dehumidifier has the ability to pick up where it left off and comes with built-in wheels, handles, and drain access. Because the dehumidifier is 16.1 inches long and less than a foot wide, you can easily store it, too.

With over 12,000 reviews and a solid 4.6-star rating, this dehumidifier is one of the most popular on Amazon. "Every home should have one," one reviewer raved. "... The house feels drier, cleaner and it's actually cleared up an issue we were having with sneezing[,] probably due to the amount of moisture in the air." Another user noticed significant improvements after setting this device up in their camper van. “We have this [dehumidifier] directly in the middle of the camper [and] there's not a drop of moisture in the bedroom closet or in the bunkhouse area. My [DampRid] containers that are in cabinets or storage compartments don't even have a drop of moisture in them!” the reviewer wrote.

Check out the Vremi 22-pint dehumidifier on Amazon before the price jumps back up.