This Bestselling Frozen Dessert Machine Turns Fruit Into Delicious Soft Serve in Minutes

Enjoy fruity, non-dairy dessert all season long with this unique gadget.
Enjoy fruity, non-dairy dessert all season long with this unique gadget. / Yonanas/Amazon/Dony/iStock/GettyImages
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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as eating a cold treat like ice cream when it gets hot outside—however, those who are vegan or lactose-intolerant don't have as many options when it comes to chilled sweets. But thanks to this bestselling soft serve maker, it's easy to create frozen, non-dairy desserts at home in just minutes.

The Yonanas soft serve maker uses frozen fruits to create sorbet-style delicacies without using milk. Instead of cooling down the dessert as an ice cream maker would do with milk, this $50 machine relies on the already frozen fruits to keep the food at a chilled temperature. You just have to peel your fruit of choice and toss it into the chute. The gadget will then release the soft serve into a bowl placed below the device so you'll have a perfect portion ready in less than 10 minutes.

Parent and child using the Yonanas soft serve dessert maker with strawberries and bananas
Yonanas soft serve dessert maker / Yonanas/Amazon

With more than 13,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, this innovative device is a fun addition to any kitchen, with some customers proclaiming it “the greatest thing ever created" and one even raving: "This little machine is easy to use, doesn't take up much room and is super easy to clean. It turns your fruit into a sherbet in [a] matter of 2 minutes. It is really amazing." Many enjoy that it's kid-friendly, too. One user bought this soft serve machine for their 12-year-old child, who loves sweet, healthy treats. “This is a simple [setup] and very easy and safe for her to use,” the reviewer wrote.

Check out the Yonanas soft serve dessert maker on Amazon ahead of summer.