This Electric Spin Scrubber Brush Can Help You Clean Your Bathroom Without Hurting Your Back

Forget the elbow grease—this electric spin scrubber will handle the tough jobs for you.
Forget the elbow grease—this electric spin scrubber will handle the tough jobs for you. / Youkada/Amazon
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Some household cleaning jobs are tougher than others. Doing the dishes? Annoying, but manageable. Scrubbing away all that grime that's stuck between your bathroom tiles? That calls for a little help, especially if you want to avoid putting pressure on your knees and back to get rid of stubborn messes. An electric spin scrubber can help by doing most of that work for you.

The Youkada electric spin scrubber is a rechargeable cleaning brush that will help make tidying your bathroom sink, kitchen tile floors, and more a breeze. Currently, this device has a starting price of $48 in the fantasy blue and gray color options, but you can save an extra 5 percent (thanks to an on-page coupon) on the gray version, bringing the price down to about $45. Additionally, the silver-gray and regular blue shades are on sale, but are priced higher at $50 and $52, respectively.

Person using a Youkada electric spin scrubber on a living room floor
Youkada electric spin scrubber / Youkada/Amazon

After charging, this waterproof device has a runtime of up to 120 minutes. It comes with a variety of brushes designed for different tasks: the cone-shaped brush is good for hard-to-reach corners; the flat head one is ideal for glass windows and walls; and the dome is for polishing floors. These brushes aren’t limited to just these areas, though. You can use them on toilets, cars, countertops, and other common surfaces. The scrubber even comes with an extension arm to give you some extra length, so you can finally spruce up the more neglected areas of your home. When you’re finished using the scrubber, there’s a hook on the back of the handle for easy storage.

More than 3400 Amazon shoppers have tried this 4.1-star-rated cleaning gadget. A customer who has used this on their shower raved: “Great product, especially for a senior and [it's] easy to handle ... it keeps me from bending and scrubbing the floor with my hands." Other users say it's terrific for cleaning high places. “I cannot reach up to do the shower walls, but it is no longer an issue with my Youkada. It has taken all my cleaning issues and made them easy,” another reviewer wrote.

Head over to Amazon to get the Youkada electric spin scrubber and make cleaning your home a simpler task.