Change Up Your Home Office With a Chair Made to Keep You Active—and Is Now Over Half Off

Safco Zenergy Ball Chairs
Safco Zenergy Ball Chairs / Safco/Amazon
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Whether you work from home or want to switch things up at the office, changing your setup can benefit your health and style. Many people have started to incorporate things like standing desks and under-desk bikes to stay active during the work day. Ball chairs are another great way to keep your body working while seated all day in meetings. Now, you can get one of Amazon’s most stylish options for less than $120.

The Zenergy Ball Chair is currently discounted over half off on Amazon. This alternative office chair is on sale in various colors such as green, orange, pink, and black, but the red option will give you the most significant savings. Thanks to this sale, the red Zenergy Ball Chair, which usually retails at $261, can be yours for as little as $118, saving you up to 55 percent.

Red Safco Zenergy Ball Chair on a white background
Safco Zenergy Ball Chair / Safco/Amazon

Unlike traditional office chairs, the Zenergy Ball Chair keeps your body active throughout the day as you’re working on projects, typing up emails, and participating in Zoom meetings. It's like the big inflatable stability balls you might find at the gym. As you sit atop the ball, you're able to improve your posture and steadiness while engaging and strengthening your core—muscles that are especially important to strengthen if you have lower back pain.

The Zenergy Ball Chair can provide all these health benefits without looking like a piece of gym equipment that’ll roll away when you stand up. The stool is made of a 17.5-inch anti-burst exercise ball encased in a polyester fabric with four steel feet and legs that measures up to 23 inches tall. It can support up to 250 pounds. The chair also comes with a manual air pump that you can use to inflate the exercise ball from underneath the seat.

Get your hands on the Zenergy Ball Chair today on Amazon to save up to 55 percent off while improving your stability and posture.