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national press blurbs

"A Smart (-Alecky) Read"

"A sort of sassy Cliffs Notes"
Reader's Digest

"For the discerning intellect, mental_floss cleans out the cobwebs"
Chicago Tribune

"a delightfully eccentric and eclectic new magazine devoted to educating Americans about all the stuff they should have learned in school but didn't"
The Washington Post

"got a big cocktail party coming up? Read mental_floss first"
The Online Editor

"What makes mental_floss so hip and so now is its thoroughly no-brow approach. The magazine recognizes no line between entertainment and education, or culture pop and high"
Albuquerque Journal

"mental_floss has received the type of euphoric PR reserved for marketing sensations like Red Bull and Starbucks...a killer editorial product has positioned mental_floss as an up-and-coming multimedia force"

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