5 Questions: IN MEMORIAM

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Sultry songstress Peggy Lee, age 81 - She provided voices for several characters in what animated Disney film?
101 Dalmatians
Lady and the Tramp
Sleeping Beauty
The Jungle Book
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Famed director Billy Wilder, age 95 - For which film did he win his first Best Director Academy Award?
Stalag 17
Some Like it Hot
The Lost Weekend
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Advice columnist Ann Landers, age 83 - Which auto rental company was founded by her ex-husband, Jules Lederer?
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Mildred Wirt Benson, age 96 - She created the resourceful girl sleuth Nancy Drew using what pen name?
Carolyn Keene
Beverly Cleary
Laura Lee Hope
Franklin W. Dixon
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Joseph Bonanno, age 97 - Notorious gangster and gangland boss, he was better known as ...
Big Joey
Joe Bananas
Joe Diamond
Joe Batters