5 Questions: Against the Grain

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Paul Wheatbread was the drummer for what 1960s pop group?
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Tommy James and the Shondells
Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
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On TV's King of the Hill, which character is blissfully unaware of his wife's relationship with John Redcorn?
Kahn Souphanousinphone
Dale Gribble
Bill Dauterive
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What novel by Joyce Carol Oates is loosely based on the JonBenet Ramsey case?
The Gravedigger's Daughter
The Tattooed Girl
My Sister, My Love
We Were the Mulvaneys
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What politician's career was derailed when he was photographed with Donna Rice on his lap?
Gary Hart
Wilbur Mills
Bob Packwood
Wayne Hays
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What was the real name of the Our Gang character known as "Farina"?
Matthew Beard
Eugene Gordon Lee
Allen Hoskins
Norman Chaney