5 Questions: "Cliff" Hangers

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Actor Cliff Robertson's last film appearance was in an installment of what comic book movie franchise?
Green Lantern
Captain America
Iron Man
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What breed of pooch is Clifford, the Big Red Dog?
Great Dane
Rhodesian Ridgeback
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What was the name of Cliff Richard's backing band, who ultimately became stars in their own right?
The Hurricanes
The Chesternuts
The Searchers
The Shadows
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Author Clifford Irving gained fame for writing a fake autobiography of what multi-millionaire?
Howard Hughes
Aristotle Onassis
H.L. Hunt
Armand Hammer
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Cliff Arquette was best known for creating and playing what character?
Father Guido Sarducci
Charley Weaver
Dame Edna Everage
Ernest P. Worrell