5 Questions: Half a Dozen

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Number Six was a character played by Patrick McGoohan on what British TV series?
The Avengers
Fawlty Towers
The Prisoner
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Which of the following advertising slogans was made famous by Motel 6?
What a difference a stay makes.
Your host from coast to coast.
We'll leave the light on.
Everything except excess.
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Who invented the revolver that became known as the "six-shooter," since it could be fired six times without reloading?
Samuel Colt
Daniel Wesson
Oliver Winchester
Eliphalet Remington
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The first Six Flags amusement park opened in Texas in 1961; in which U.S. state was the second park in the franchise located?
New Jersey
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What actress played Harrison Ford's much-younger love interest in the 1998 film Six Days, Seven Nights?
Gwyneth Paltrow
Anne Heche
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Helen Hunt