Owl See You Later

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What color are the trousers worn by Woodsy Owl, the mascot of the U.S. Forest Service?
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In which of the following children's book series is a character known as Owl believed to be the most intelligent animal in the woods, even though he can't spell very well?
Alice in Wonderland
The Chronicles of Narnia
Peter Rabbit
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Which of the following restaurant chains features an owl in its logo?
Tilted Kilt
Bone Daddy's
Twin Peaks
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Which of the following women was famous for keeping a pet owl (which she'd rescued as a hatchling) named Athena?
Florence Nightingale
Clara Barton
Marie Curie
Dorothea Dix
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What is the final line uttered by the narrator in the classic Tootsie Pop TV commercial where Wise Old Owl crunches into the candy after just three licks?
There you have it.
The world may never know.
A good question.
I can't stand a smart owl.