5 Questions: Hounds

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What anthropologist undertook a lengthy exploration voyage aboard the ship the HMS Beagle?
Margaret Mead
Charles Darwin
Louis Leakey
Ruth Benedict
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Actress Angela Bassett earned an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of what singer in a 1993 biopic?
Whitney Houston
Diana Ross
Tina Turner
Billie Holiday
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On which of the following TV sitcoms was the living room sofa usually draped with a colorful "granny square" afghan?
The Cosby Show
The Golden Girls
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Who sang uncredited backing vocals on Neil Sedaka's 1975 Number One hit "Bad Blood"?
Olivia Newton-John
Barry Manilow
Linda Ronstadt
Elton John
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What was the character's "real" name who was known as Otter in the Delta Tau Chi fraternity in the 1978 film Animal House?
Larry Kroger
Kent Dorfman
Eric Stratton
Robert Hoover