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Why is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?
For anyone suffering from paraskavedekatriaphobia...... READ ON
What’s the Origin of Jack-O’-Lanterns?
The term was first applied to people, not pumpkins.... READ ON
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Why is “Pound” Abbreviated as “lb”?
Most of our abbreviations for units of measurements are pretty straightforward. They are made up of of letters from the words they stand for. So how do we get lb for “pound” and oz for “ounce”?... READ ON
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Where Does the Word 'Hoser' Come From?
Fans of the legendary sketch comedy show 'SCTV' are probably familiar with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas’ dim-witted characters Bob and Doug McKenzie, the Molson beer-swilling Canadian brothers who ended each sentence with everyone’s favorite stereotypical Canadian interjection, “eh.” But it was the pair's catchphrase—“Take off, you hoser!”—that really gained traction in popular language.... READ ON
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How Did Spring Break Get Its Start?
Thanks to MTV, we all know what Spring Break is about: Bikinis, debauchery, plenty of alcohol, and collegiates flocking to beaches en mass to work on their tans and run amok. Where did this tradition start?... READ ON
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Where Did The Easter Bunny Come From?
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Why Is U.S. Currency Green?
The color green wasn't always synonymous with money.... READ ON
Electric Eels Use Their High-Voltage Shocks to Locate Prey
Eels: As awesome as they are terrifying.... READ ON
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Where Does the Hashtag (a.k.a. Octothorpe) Come From? 
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Why Is the NBA Shot Clock 24 Seconds?
The NBA’s 24-second shot clock was invented in 1954 by Syracuse Nationals owner Danny Biasone, who wanted to force teams to pick up the pace of games. Why 24 seconds?... READ ON
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Why Is New York City Called 'Gotham'?
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Why Do College Basketball Teams Cut Down the Nets?
North Carolina State coach Everett Case didn’t realize he was starting a trend in 1947. He just wanted a souvenir.... READ ON
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What’s the Purpose of the Dots on a Basketball?
Big Question
Why Are Electrical Plugs Different in Europe?
Big Question
Why Are Manhole Covers Round?
Big Question
How Do Generations Get Their Names?
According to Peter Francese, a demographic and consumer markets expert, Baby Boomers were the first named generation to exist.... READ ON

George Washington preferred not to shake the hands of visitors. He would bow instead.

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