About Us

For the record: mental_floss magazine is an intelligent read, but not too intelligent. We're the sort of intelligent that you hang out with for a while, enjoy our company, laugh a little, smile a lot and then we part ways. Great times. And you only realize how much you learned from us after a little while. Like a couple days later when you're impressing your friends with all these intriguing facts and things you picked up from us, and they ask you how you know so much, and you think back on that great afternoon you spent with us and you smile.

And then you lie and say you read a lot.

The mental_breakdown:
Descriptions of everything that makes our magazine so addictive...

Feature Stories to Make You Smile:
Whether it's an exposé on Shel Silverstein's darker side, a how-to story that covers colonizing nations and curbing epidemics, or a collection of the 25 Most Important Questions in the Universe (like whether a pregnant woman can drive in a carpool lane, and how much wood a woodchuck can actually chuck), mental_floss' FEATURES never fail to deliver. With stories that shock, stun, and amuse, mental_floss won't just leave you grinning... it'll leave your friends wondering how you got so interesting all of a sudden!

Feed your Right Brain:
People are always dropping names in the arts. Whether it's a Ming vase or a furry tea cup, a Kubrick film or a seminal James Joyce book, there are certain artists, movements and masterpieces that have completely changed our world. But the fact is, the reasons why aren't always so obvious. Our RIGHT BRAIN section eases readers into the humanities by making art and literature accessible without needing to dumb it down. Want vivid descriptions? Want lush explanations? Want to know what makes The Thinker so great, and why Jackson Pollock isn't just some overrated paint-thrower? It's all right here: mental_floss experts are here to spill why that classic is a classic, and they're happy to give you every juicy detail and naughty back-story while they're at it.

Nurture your Left Brain:
Remember that time you were at that cocktail party and Stephen Hawking sidled up to you, and all he wanted to talk about was string theory? Or what about the time those irritating Watson and Crick characters kept asking you your thoughts on the Human Genome Project, and you had to stand by the celery tray all night long? Well, that's exactly why we created the LEFT BRAIN section. From the mysteries of black holes to paradigm-shifting discoveries to how to conduct a heart transplant in 8 (not so easy) steps, mental_floss takes the most fascinating ideas and theories around, and delivers them in plain old, easy-to-understand English. Keeping up with eggheads has never been so easy.

Indulge your Scattered Brain:
Calling all nerds, trivia addicts and knowledge junkies: if you like your trivia raw, twisted and garnished with plenty of spice, the SCATTERBRAINED section is definitely for you. Comprised of 10 straight pages of juicy facts, jaw-dropping anecdotes and ridiculous history your favorite teacher wasn't allowed to tell you about, mental_floss delivers the sort of delicious fact cocktail that leaves every knowledge junkie licking their lips and begging for more.

Learn to Spin the Globe:
Want to escape to the South Pacific without leaving your armchair? Want to peek behind North Korean lines without risking your life? Then our SPINNING THE GLOBE section might be your best bet. From how a coffee shop poet drove the Czech nation to vanquish communism without spilling a single drop of blood, to how an entire island's cuisine became so focused around Spam; from unimaginable Incan architecture, to how one dictator became so obsessed with creating a blockbuster that he relied on kidnapping, the SPINNING THE GLOBE section serves up religion, history and world culture in a way only mental_floss can.