Scientists Create Miniature "Menstrual Cycle in a Dish"
Researchers envision a future in which each patient can have a customized model of her reproductive system for testing responses to medications.... READ ON
A Common Steroid May Have the Potential to Treat PTSD
The drug manipulates the expression of a specific gene associated with the disease.... READ ON
Scientists Grow Human Heart Cells in Spinach Leaves
Plants’ natural vein structure makes them an excellent medium for growing human heart tissue.... READ ON
Married Entomologists Donate Insect Collection Worth $10 Million
The duo is giving their collection to the university that brought them together.... READ ON
A Scientist Re-Engineered the Wine Bottle So It Doesn't Drip
A very simple design tweak could make pouring wine neater for everyone.... READ ON
Comet 67P Transformed as It Approached the Sun
Fractures grew, cliffs collapsed, and boulders rolled.... READ ON
See the Process of Cell Division Up Close With This Timelapse of a Tadpole Egg
Life is pretty cool, even at a cellular level.... READ ON
Could Fire Be Good for Wild Ecosystems?
Scientists are still trying to figure out the complex relationship between wildfires and biodiversity.... READ ON
DNA Copying Errors Could Be the Most Common Cause of Cancer
Researchers say the majority of cancer-causing mutations may be the result of errors created in the DNA replication process, not of environmental factors or heredity.... READ ON
You Won't Know if Schrödinger's Cat Is Alive or Dead Until You Use These Mugs
Is the cat alive or dead? You'll only find out when you pour in hot liquid.... READ ON
Stones, Bones & Wrecks
Crusader-Era Shipwreck Discovered on Israeli Coast
The ship may have been helmed by soldiers fleeing the historic Siege of Acre.... READ ON
New Study Explains Why Some Flu Vaccines Work Better Than Others
Scientists say some flu-shot formulations activate our dendritic cells, encouraging our immune systems to fight harder against the virus.... READ ON
"Dr. Fraud" Sting Nabs Dozens of Phony Scientific Journals
Researcher Anna O. Szust (“Anna, a fraud” in Polish) was offered an editorial position at 48 publications despite her flimsy credentials—and the fact that she doesn’t exist.... READ ON
Study Finds Male Tennis Players Are More Likely to Choke Under Pressure
In the pressure cooker that is Grand Slam tennis, men are more likely to choke than women.... READ ON
15 Women Who Have Won Science Nobel Prizes Since Marie Curie
Marie Curie famously snagged two Nobel Prizes, but many other women have also been awarded the Physics, Chemistry, and Physiology or Medicine Nobels, too. Here are their stories.... READ ON
7 New Minerals Created by Human Activity
These new minerals have been found in mines, shipwrecks, and even inside museum drawers.... READ ON

The average piano has about 230 strings. Each string averages about 165 pounds of tension, with the combined pull of all strings equaling over eighteen tons.

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