17 Extreme Donuts That Look Like They'll Kill You

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Psycho Donuts

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By now, you’ve probably all heard of the Cronut, the Donut Croissant hybrid created at New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery. While the Cronut might be getting all the press these days, it’s not the only creative donut out there. In fact, donut shops around the country have some kind of special flavor they are proud to call their own. Here are some of the most extreme varieties we could find.

1. Old Dirty Bastard

Flickr: Camknows

Oregon’s Voodoo Doughnuts was one of the first companies to really start going crazy with their donut flavors. These days, they are best known (outside of Oregon, at least) for their partnership with Rogue, creating beers based on donut flavors including Bacon Maple Ale and Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Ale. But Voodoo still has its share of extreme donuts—including the Old Dirty Bastard, which is covered in chocolate frosting, Oreos and peanut butter.  If you’re really hungry, try the Rapper’s Delight, a trio featuring the Old Dirty Bastard, the M&M covered Marshall Mathers, and the Maple Blazer Blunt, a cone-shaped donut with an end dipped in maple frosting and red sprinkle embers.

2. Easy Peasy Lemon Kesey

These lemon, tye-dye donuts from Voodoo Doughnuts don’t just look psychedelic—they also have an acid center in the form of a sour chewy cube. The trippy treats were created by the chain to help support the Ken Kesey collection at the University of Oregon Libraries.

3. Blue Sky

Speaking of donuts inspired by drugs—New Mexico’s Rebel Donuts has a special menu item featuring blue rock candy based on the shop’s favorite show: Breaking Bad. Imagine how happy they were when Aaron Paul (AKA Jesse Pinkman) came in to order a dozen of the Blue Sky donuts and even posed for a picture with the treats.

4. Psychobugs

If you really want to try something new, you can put bugs on your donuts. In fact, San Jose’s Pyscho Donuts celebrated National Donut Day in 2012 by releasing two donuts that included insects. The Chirp Derp was a chocolate donut topped with bacon bits, bacon-cheddar crickets, and a drizzle of milk chocolate. The Worm Hole took a jalapeno and tequila donut and covered it with salted lime icing, a keylime drizzle, and a spiced moth larvae.

5. Foie Bomb

For this year’s National Donut Day, Psycho Donuts aimed to impress their gourmand audience with a Foie Gras mousse donut served with a pipette of honey, fig, and balsamic syrup. No wonder Psycho Donuts might just be the biggest name in bizarre donuts these days.

6. The Cadillac Margarita

Perhaps Jimmy Buffet should consider wasting away again in Psycho Donutville because if there’s anything better than a regular margarita, it’s a donut version, which the shop sells in both traditional and strawberry flavors—each filled with Jose Cuervo crème filling. If you aren’t big on margaritas but still enjoy tequila sunrises, don’t worry: the chain has also made those in donut form with tequila crème filling, orange icing, a grenadine drizzle, and a maraschino cherry on top.

7. MOMosas

What better way to tell your mother you love her next Mother’s Day than with a mimosa-flavored treat from Psycho Donuts? It might be the cheapest way to live up to your promise to take her to a champagne brunch.

8. Jager Bomb

While the Jagemeister buttercream in this Jager Bomb donut by Rebel Donuts might not get you drunk, it could at least give you a caffeine buzz with the Red Bull glaze. It certainly tastes better than the original cocktail.

9. Mojito

Mint, sugar, and rum are great inside a cocktail glass, but even better when turned into a donut. Best of all, you can even make this tasty treat at home with this recipe from Diethood.

10. Beer Nutz

If you prefer your booze in beer form, Psycho donuts has you covered. Try the Beer Nutz, which is filled with a Rogue Mocha Porter pastry cream and topped with chocolate icing and Beer Nuts.

11. Donut Shot Glass Liners

When you really want to get drunk while still enjoying the goodness of donuts, skip the boozy fillings and instead use straight liquor. Just follow this tip by My Burning Kitchen and put a hollowed out donut hole in your shot glass before pouring your shots and enjoy full-strength alcohol with a sweet, donut-y finish.

12. Dead Elvis

Elvis’ favorite sandwich (made with peanut butter, bacon, bananas, and jelly) is pretty legendary these days, but when you switch out the bread for a custard-filled donut, that’s when you get something fit for a king. If Elvis is secretly still around, you know he’s made a few trips to Psycho Donuts to enjoy the Dead Elvis.

13. Psycho Easter Treats

Need an adorably sweet treat for Easter Sunday? Look no further than Psycho Donuts, where you can grab this Peep Show—a coconut donut nest with a Peep mother warming her candy eggs. If the Peep Show is a little too cutesie for you, try the Massive Peep Trauma that features a bloody baby Peep popping out from an egg-shaped donut.

14. S’moreo

Have you ever crunched down on a warm S’more beside your campfire and wished you could enjoy it with a donut? If so, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to much on the messy S’mores Donut from Psycho Donuts. If a S’mores donut still isn’t good enough for you, then consider trying their S’moreo (pictured) that has the extra treat of crumbled Oreos.

15. Arnold Palmer

Few things are more refreshing on a hot day than a nice, cool Arnold Palmer, but if you’re looking for a snack to match your beverage, why not grab an Arnold Palmer donut as well? This Psycho Donut creation features a vegan iced-tea infused cake donut topped with a lemonade icing.

16. Mango Tango

Flickr: AJ LEON

You know what makes a regular mango donut into something truly memorable? Just ask Voodoo Donuts and you’ll know the answer is always Tang!

17. The Round Rock

It might not come in crazy flavors, but the Round Rock Donut from the Texas shop of the same name is certainly extreme enough to have earned its place here. That’s because the massive Round Rock is over two pounds of donut-y goodness.

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