10 Amazing Art-Inspired Cakes


It’s pretty hard to argue that modern cake decorators aren’t artists, especially when you look at some of their takes on games, horror movies and children’s stories. Today's featured cake decorators have taken on the art of some of the world’s greatest painters.

1. Dali

This lovely tribute to the famous surrealist not only incorporates his melting clocks, spindle-legged creatures and a few miniature versions of his actual artworks, but even includes a picture of the artist himself. Even the selection and position of the candles are perfectly suiting in this wonderful cake by Flickr user yadi.

2. Grant Wood

The great thing about this American Gothic cake by H Cakes & Sweets is that it’s not just a direct copy of the painting, but instead a suiting tribute to the artwork. Different tiers represent different aspects of the piece, from the people in it to the house to the famous pitchfork. Of course, the attention to details that make the tiers look so similar to the painting is what really sets this one apart.

3. Lichtenstein

Like the American Gothic cake, this design is wonderful in that it isn’t an exact copy of a Lichtenstein painting, but instead an inspired tribute to the artist. This wonderful creation, by Flickr user chikadoodle2000, has all the explosions, printing dots and the famous characters of the renowned pop artist.

4. Monet

Granted, Monet’s paintings of tulip fields are nowhere near as well known as his water lilies series, but when it comes to a cake this stunning, is there really any need to quibble over which paintings the baker, Flickr user megpi, chose to recreate?

5. Rachel Ruysch

Rachel Ruysch may not have one of the most famous names on this list, but you’ve almost certainly seen some of the Dutch artist’s hyper-realistic still-life paintings at some point or another. What’s truly amazing about this cake though is that it’s practically indistinguishable from her paintings –especially when photographed with just the right lighting. If you want a cake that literally looks like a work of art, then be sure to get in touch with Amy DeGiulio of Sugar Flower Cake Shop in New York.

6. Warhol

There are plenty of Warhol-inspired cakes that feature bananas or soup cans laying flat on sheet cake, but what makes this piece, by the always fantastic Debbie Does Cakes, is that the banana is the cake and that the colors used on the fruit look just like the ones used in the famous Velvet Underground album cover. The whole thing would be really surreal if the cake was banana flavored.

7. Mondrian

Love modern art to the point where you want it to become a part of you? Well then, you’d better head to San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and take a seat at the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar where the drinks and snacks are based on some of the museum’s most famous exhibits. While the menu changes daily, one of the café’s best known treats is their Mondrian cake, which features colored cake blocks that look just like the modern artist’s famous compositions.

Can’t make it out to San Francisco for a slice? Well, here’s a step-by-step guide to make your own…which is nice because it’s probably the only cake on this list that an average person would have any chance of recreating.

8. Ray Caesar

As a contemporary artist, Ray Caesar may not be as famous as many of the rest on this list, but he deserves to be listed here not only because he is extremely talented, but also because this cake, based on his painting, Descent, is simply incredible both visually and structurally. Dante Nuno of Fire and Icing really outdid himself for this creation.

9. Artsy Fartsy

Having a hard time choosing between so many great artists? Well then grab a piece of this “Artsy Fartsy Cake” by Mainmade Cakes and enjoy a little slice of Pollock, Picasso, Mondrian, Matisse and Warhol all at once. Would you believe this great design only took second place at the That Takes the Cake Sugar Art Show & Cake Competition? I call shenanigans.

10. For the Love of Cake

The great thing about this multi-artist cake by Blue Moon Bakery is that while it may not have as many great artists as the one by Mainmade Cakes, it actually has miniature versions of each of the artists working on their paintings. Granted, Pollock couldn’t actually work on his splatters from that angle, but still, the idea and execution are pretty darn great.
* * *
Did I miss any amazing art cakes? Feel free to tell the world about them.