Attention College Scribes Who'd Like to Write for mental_floss...


Years ago we had this thing called College Weekend, where we'd turn over to our college-going readers on occasional Saturdays and Sundays. They were eager and talented and willing to work for t-shirts (and a few bucks). I don't remember why that stopped, but it's time to bring it back.

We'll try to hold a College Weekend October 27-28. Our new Deputy Editor Erin McCarthy will be running this show, so send her your best ideas by Sunday, October 7th. Here's how it works:

1. Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student. *2. Dream up three brilliant story ideas. We're looking for lists or Big Questions (or Split Decision-style quizzes). *3. Email those ideas to We just want a headline and a few sentences explaining the story or quiz. Please don't write the whole thing and submit it before we decide it's something we like. Also include a link to something you've written that's online. Anything you're proud of. *4. If you're one of the lucky ones whose story idea we accept, we'll pay you $25 and send you the mental_floss t-shirt of your choice. You'll write your story. We'll edit and post it under your byline. You forward the link around campus and to your parents' friends.

So, go think about what you'd like to write and we look forward to your pitches!