Are you ready for some jail time?


What is in the water in Cincinnati, other than boats driven by allegedy drunk football players? Adding to the Phat Phree's NFL All-Criminal Team from last year, five Bengals have been arrested in the past three months:

NEWPORT, Ky. -- Bengals guard Eric Steinbach pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge of boating under the influence on the Ohio River, the fifth Cincinnati player in three months accused of breaking the law. ... The Bengals have been on the defensive [editors' note: ha!] over the recent player arrests and a suspension. Receiver Chris Henry leads the list, with four arrests since December. He is to go on trial later this month in Orlando, Fla., on a gun charge.

To be fair, maybe these players are just taking after their mascot:

Once in awhile, [the tiger] will attack cattle and even humans. There are many stories about the evils done by "man-eating" tigers. ... The destruction of their usual prey may also cause them to attack humans. As soon as the tiger spots prey, it begins a slow and silent approach. When it is near its prey, it charges. It may jump onto the prey's back or pin it down with its powerful claws. It usually kills the prey by biting its throat or neck. Its strength is amazing: it can drag prey weighing several hundred pounds as much as 1,500 feet to hide the dead animal in bushes or tall grass.

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