The blob on the blog: We have a(nother) winner!


One of the amazing things about our "identify the colorful blob" contest was how many of you wrote in with answers that were technically wrong but scientifically feasible. According to you guys, the thing at left could have been a corneal map, a storm on Jupiter, bone marrow, Hurricane Katrina, or "obviously ... the absorption of a food particle into the cell lining of a blood vessel using infrared, multi-chromatic x-ray technology." We've got some serious convergence going on here -- why do so many types of scientific images look alike? Is it because all the imaging techonologies operate on the same principle? Or are we seeing some sort of fractal-ish unifying pattern in nature? Ruminate on that for a minute...

Okay, never mind, it's Monday morning and far too early for this deep stuff. Back to the point, which is: We have a "most creative answer" winner! These two made it to the finals:

After years of better living through chemistry, it's what Keith Richards sees first thing in the morning.

A moodring that's being worn by a bipolar person.

rb6bb.gif /

The terrible scene after Rainbow Brite jumped off the Empire State Building.

We love this too. Wendell, send us your contact info at Everybody else, keep an eye our for our new contest this afternoon!