Some of you have suggested that our stumpers have been too easy so far. Perhaps that's true. Perhaps you'll find this celluloid-stumper more challenging then. The rules, as always: NO GOOGLING. First person to answer all the questions correctly gets bragging rights.

There will be many parts to this stumper, so be sure to read carefully.

Question #1: What movie does the following monologue come from?

Now I figure, two people get married,
and they gonna live together forty,
fifty years. So it's just gotta be
more than whether they're good looking
or not. You tell me you think you're
not very good-looking. My father was
a really ugly man, but my mother
adored him. She told me that she
used to get so miserable sometimes,
like everybody, you know? And she
says my father always tried to
understand. I used to see them
sometimes when I was a kid, sitting
in the living room, talking and
talking, and I used to adore my old
man, because he was so kind. That's
one of the most beautiful things I
have in my life, the way my father
and mother were. And my father was a
real ugly man. So it doesn't matter
if you look like a gorilla. So you
see, dogs like us, we ain't such
dogs as we think we are.

Question #2: What actor spoke those lines above?

Question #3: This film would have a major impact on the plot of another film, one which came out some years later. What is the name of that film, and explain the connection.

Question #4: In April of 1775, a man loaned Paul Revere a very important horse. What was the man's name? (Not the horse's name!)

Question #5
: What does the answer to #4 have to do with this stumper?

That's it! Go to it!