Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 4 Crazy Japanese Game Shows


Like dogs and the novels of Sue Grafton, Japanese game shows are a hit in America. The way the contestants rub their butts against hot vehicular tailpipes, or how one guy agreed to be locked, naked, in an apartment for an indeterminate amount of time left only to subsist on prizes culled from magazine competitions... oh, it's all just so wacky! So, even though I'm more bored by these spectacles than I am schoolmarmish or unapologetically libertine (and after
reading a handful of opinion pieces on the topic, it seems those are the only two positions you can take in the MSM), I don't think I can rightly assume the title of YouTube Hunter until I offer a little of the Japanese game show red meat. (That's a little something I picked up from my mentor, Dicky Fox.) So feast, piglets. FEAST!

Here's a clip that's been making the rounds recently. The guy in the red on the far right is the obvious human star. [Editor's note: If you are a man with delicate sensibilities, or if you happen to work in an office, consider yourself warned -- we don't think these contestants will be having children any time soon.]

And, yes, more grossness, this time involving (a YouTube Hunter favorite!) the butt. [Editor's note: This one's definitely not safe for work!]

Below, the greatest rock-paper-scissors game I've ever watched. The slo-mo makes for particularly compelling viewing, especially since you can see how very angry this man has been made by the schoolyard game. I don't like to pass judgment about such things, but I think we can safely infer that his interior life must not be a pleasant one.

Look! A girl and a polar bear!

Lastly, this isn't a game show, but it's pretty sweet, and it's Japanese, and who among us doesn't love Ping Pong?

If you know of other, more deliciously fiendish Japanese game show clips, feel free to drop them in the comments section. (Except you, Spezzatura.)