Celluloid-Stumper: Yiddish goes H'W'D


You guys have been getting these stumpers far too quickly. So we're making it a little harder yet, with today's installment.

As I said in my Weekend Word Wrap this morning, you all use the Yiddish language every day, even if you don't know you do. In the early 20th century, as Tin Pan Alley and vaudeville merged with the incipient film industry, Yiddish quickly found its way into Hollywood films. Today I'm going to drop two quotes from two different films on you. They're separated by about seventy years, but have the following in common (this is a hint!): both quotes come from songs that were sung in the films (and, no, neither film was a musical).

Film #1: "Did someone call me schnorrer?"

Film #2: "My bubby made a kishka, she made it big and fat, I took one look at it and said I can't eat that!"

Question #1: What are the names of the two films quoted?

Question #2: What are the names of the songs?

Questions #3: Can you name the two famous actors who sang each of the songs?

Bonus question: What famous rap band wrote this lyric: Which one of you schnooks took my rhyme hook book/ Give it back, you're wicky-wack"¦?

As usual: first one with ALL the correct answers (hold the bonus question) gets bragging rights... and NO GOOGLING!