Celluloid-stumper: Paprikash


Today's the first day of Autumn [ed. note: actually it's the 23rd! Guess I was just too darn anxious to bid farewell to the heat of summer], which always makes me think of two things: Central Park and jazz standards like "Autumn Leaves," "Danke Schoen," or "Autumn in New York." And what movie brings them all together like When Harry Met Sally?

So in honor of Fall, of "Autumn in New York," and of Rob Reiner's classic comedy, I present you with today's Celluloid-stumper.

Same rules apply as always: first person to get ALL the correct answers first wins bragging rights. No Googling, no IMDB-ing, no Wiki-ing etc. and no popping in an old VHS for help.

Question #1: The famous orgasm scene takes place at which deli in New York City?

Question #2: The deli is on the corner of which two streets?

Question #3: What does the singer who performs "Autumn in New York" on the movie's soundtrack have in common with the film?

Question #4: Billy Crystal can be seen reading a certain Stephen King novel in the movie. What is the book's title?

Question #5: This book would go on to have a major impact on one of the filmmakers - how?

Bonus Question: You've probably been annoyed by this woman before, who somehow gets through even the best popup blockers. She's the face of what dot.com?

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Bonus Question #2: How does this woman tie in with the character Amanda Reese in our film?