Superdome Lives


The Louisiana Superdome reopens tonight, a year after the stadium, the city and its people were ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons (2-0) will take on Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints (2-0). But before Monday Night Football kicks off, let's go marching down memory lane and pick up some Superdome trivia souvenirs.

+While the stadium opened in 1975, the idea of The Superdome dates back to 1967. Louisiana Governor John J. McKeithen attended a baseball game at the Astrodome in Houston. During the game, he was quoted as saying, "I want one of these, only bigger."

+Seating capacity is listed as 72,300. Somehow, a 1980 Rolling Stones concert packed in 81,500.

+When George H.W. Bush ordered us to read his lips, then outlined his stance on new taxes, he was standing in The Superdome, site of the 1988 Republican National Convention. (The speech, which also contained the famous phrase "thousand points of light," was written by Peggy Noonan.)

+The Superdome has hosted more Super Bowls than any other sports facility (six). It also hosts the Sugar Bowl each year, and has been home to four Final Fours.

+The Saints came into the league in 1967. In all those years, they've only won one playoff game (in 2000).

+In their first ever game, the Saints' John Gilliam returned the opening kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown. This did not happen in the Superdome, but must have been pretty exciting. Talk about instilling a false sense of hope "“ New Orleans would not make the playoffs for another two decades.