More absurd place names: Towns named for animals


I never thought I'd say this, but I saw something amusing in an airline magazine recently and wanted to share -- a list of American cities named after various animals, ranging from the obvious (Buffalo, New York) to the obscure (Fly, Ohio). If you know some that weren't in the article, feel free to add them in the comments...

  • Alaska: Fox, Chicken
  • Arkansas: Deer
  • California: Antelope
  • Colorado: Dinosaur
  • Florida: Flamingo
  • Georgia: Parrot
  • Kansas: Partridge
  • Louisiana: Trout, Pelican
  • Michigan: White Pigeon, Wolverine
  • Minnesota: Badger
  • Mississippi: Alligator
  • Missouri: Crane
  • Montana: Anaconda, Monarch, Otter
  • Nebraska: Eagle
  • Nevada: Carp
  • New Jersey: White Horse
  • New Mexico: Coyote
  • New York: Buffalo
  • Ohio: Fly
  • Oklahoma: Mustang
  • Pennsylvania: Sturgeon
  • South Dakota: Porcupine
  • Texas: Falcon, Turkey, Marlin
  • Utah: Beaver
  • Washington: Elk, Tiger, Cougar, White Swan, White Salmon
  • West Virginia: Duck, Man
  • Wyoming: Wolf, Moose
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