You can't find Willard Wigan's art in a haystack...


... because it's the size of a needle, or more accurately, the size of the eye of a needle or, sometimes, a pin or a fishhook or a safety pin. (The plank that girl is walking down is an eyelash.) It's perhaps not the kind of thing you want to hang on your wall to impress your friends and relatives, since they'll barely be able to see it, but it's extraordinary nonetheless, and despite all our skepticism Snopes says it's completely real. Willard's website says:

The smallest sculptures can only be measured in thousandths of an inch which is why they can sit, very delicately, on a human hair three thousandths of an inch thick. When working on this scale he slows his heartbeat and his breathing dramatically through meditation and attempts to harmonise his mind, body and soul with the Creator. He then sculpts or paints at the centrepoint between heartbeats for total stillness of hand. He likens this process to "trying to pass a pin through a bubble without bursting it." His concentration is intense when working like this and he feels mentally and physically drained at the end of it.

If ever there was someone who could answer the question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin... More incredible "micro-sculptures" of the Statue of Liberty, the Thinker, Peter Pan and friends, and a not-too-towering Tower Bridge, after the jump.

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