Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: 4 Triumphs, a Borat, and a Goulet... Oh My!


Sometimes I dig so deep for you. I trawl and I dredge and I scrape to find YouTubes at the far end of the Long Tail, YouTubes so obscure that they're watched only by shut-ins taking rejuvenation breaks during Shannon Tweed movie marathons. But in this deep-sea diving, you can miss the meaty nourishment near the surface. (That may have been the worst metaphor I've ever used.) So, today, I resolve to bring you the best of the obvious: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Borat, and Will Ferrell doing his Robert Goulet impression. I also promise never to use a nautical metaphor again.

Here, three Triumph sketches. The first one -- the Bon Jovi one -- is the best of the bunch. There are no words in the English language (save one) to describe its excellence. So I won't try. Coming from as far as Exit 12... Triumph the Insult Comic Dog:

This kicked the phenomenon off. A classic:

When the trial is over, none of us can really know if Michael Jackson is innocent or guilty. But there is one thing we do know... He's guilty:

These next two are skits from The Night of Too Many Stars, a benefit that aired last Sunday in support of this very worthy charity. Jon Stewart, whom you may be familiar with through his work with MTV, hosted the proceedings, and he played the straight man in both of these interviews. They humding.

And the evening, being a Robert Smigel production, also featured a Triumph sketch -- a delicate balance of topical humor and always welcome Moby-bashing.

Moby, by the way, once picked up on a friend of mine at a club by asking if she liked his music. You read that right: if SHE liked his music. Your guess is as good as mine.

See you next week!