World Series history made via eBay


It was up, but now it's down"¦ so you'll have to take my word for it, but an actual eBay listing yesterday read as follows: "My name is Christina. I am a life long Detroit Tiger Fan and I would LOVE to attend a World Series Game."

Yes, she was auctioning herself off as a "companion" with a starting bid of $.99. Before eBay pulled it, she had four bids, the highest topping out at $10.50.

And like that, a new kind of World Series history has already been made, even before the first pitch. Hit the "more" link below for her entire ad, which I copied directly from the site"¦ What do you think, folks, should she have been allowed to auction herself off or not?

She did say in her item description: "I am a powerseller on here and this is not a [sic] ad for anything other than companionship."

I have a Tiger Towel and I'm ready to cheer on the Good Ole Boys. I live in Trenton Michigan and I hope to find someone or a group to go with. Anyone with access to tickets that would like me as a companion please write me now. I'm pretty funny and can keep up with the crowd. Let's Go Tigers!!!! I'm available as a designated driver under the proper circumstance as well. If you want a lady on your arm who will appreciate your generosity, I'm your girl. Thanks for Looking!!! That picture of my friend and I [sic] was taken at the playoff game on Friday. I had so much fun on Friday that I had to try this. I loved those F-16 flying over that shook the whole stadium. LET'S GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!! **By Bidding on this auction you guarantee the possession of tickets to a World Series Detroit Tiger Game and that one ticket is available to me in exchange I will attend the event with whomever for the duration of the game. I am a single woman who is self employed and highly respectable but in no way uptight. I am a powerseller on here and this is not a [sic] ad for anything other than companionship. I want to party at the best event in my town and I want in the game so I'm up for bid. I'm 5'4 and a size 5, I look great in all kinds of Tiger apparel , I smille [sic] a lot and I'm very friendly. Thanks!!!!