Who's Jonny? Well, I think his last name is "Lee."


Best I can tell (and believe me, I'm surprised), he's a real person, perhaps one who wrote an evil bot program and named it after himself. He apparently lives in Sacramento. And this, I have reason to believe, is his photo.

For most of my time as a blogger I have mightily feared the Wayback Machine, mostly because I used to write a ridiculous little website in high school that I hope no one ever sees again. But yesterday, oh, yesterday, the Wayback Machine came through for me -- it found Jonny.

As you'll recall, Jonny likes to leave a link to his website, www.jonny.com, which has no content. But it was not always thus. According to Wayback, Jonny once had plans for the website; he went through several designs, one of which featured the photo above. Also, once upon a time in 2005, Jonny used this domain to try and sell a used BMW. And he was naive enough to put his email address and cell phone right on the web page, for me and everyone else on earth to see. "For more information or a test drive give me a ring anytime," he said.

So, should I take him up on that? What should I do first? Phone call or email? Ambush operation or straightforward j'accuse? Tell me in the comments, and I shall act accordingly tomorrow. I'm really, really looking forward to this. I feel like a freakin' superhero.
PS: I'm not terribly worried about taking on a man of great intellect here. In my Googling, I found a comment our friend Jonny had left on another blog which, for him, was pretty substantive: "that girl who was talking about her boyfriend is the pinnicle of retardedness and she has poos for a nose and wees for her hair." At least it's more than one word long.