Halloween Costumes on Parade!


Happy Halloween and thanks to everyone who sent in their fantastic costume ideas for our parade! Our grand marshal is Molly, who tragically didn't get any snaps of the Best Get-Up of All Time but submitted it anyway:

Once, my friend and I wore green shorts and tank tops, covered ourselves in tin foil, painted our faces green, fixed our hair all nasty and then put masking tape labels that said march 1999 on the foil "“ we were leftovers! We won a contest, too"¦

Molly, you just won another one; send us your contact info.

Below are three other written ideas we love, interspersed with some great photos, including two women's very different takes on red capes and one awesome jack-o'-lantern.

You do have to be around people you know for this one, and do a whole bunch of pre-work (i.e., losing a whole bunch of weight). I had lost 90 pounds and for the Halloween party that year, decided to paint myself black from head to toe. Hair, face, teeth, hands (including fingernails, arms, legs, everything"¦. the whites of my eyes were the only non black body parts on me). I went to the party as "A SHADOW OF MY FORMER SELF." Fun and easy"¦.

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Some medical student friends of mine once came to a Halloween party dressed fairly strange. One had camo pants and combat boots with a plain white t-shirt. The other had jeans, sneakers, a camo jacket and camo boonie hat. We couldn't figure out what they were, and everyone let out a huge groan when they said "We're an upper and lower GI."

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