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I know this has been floating around the Interweb for a few months, which means we're a little late with it, but quit your whining and let the Complaints Choir of Helsinki show you how it's done:

The Complaints Choir isn't just funny -- it's a form of national catharsis:

Complaints are gathered from the opening of ARS 06 onwards in various ways. Anyone can register for the choir to perform a song compiled and composed on the basis of the complaints, a singing voice is not a prerequisite. Choir performances in Kiasma and elsewhere in town are taped and the video is added to the ARS exhibition.

The result, if you haven't watched it yet, features such gripes as "we always lose to Sweden in hockey and Eurovision," "our ancestors could have picked a sunnier place to be," and my personal favorite, "old forests are cut down and turned into toilet paper, and still all the toilets are always out of paper." Also, if you don't have a lot of time (why is there never enough time?), fastforward to the bit about cell phones at the 2:10 mark. Or you can check out another Complaints Choir performance in Birmingham, England, although it's just not as funny in English.

We're thinking about starting a Complaints Choir franchise here at mental_floss. Want to contribute? Leave your grumbles legitimate suggestions for improvement in the comments...