Bond (James Bond) Week: What to Drink


You know that scene in License to Kill where Timothy Dalton's Bond-floozy orders a Budweiser with lime and he says he'll have the same? We've always thought at that point he deserves to have his License revoked. It seems The Book of Bond agrees with us on this point:

You must never drink beer, at least in England. A Lowenbrau in Geneva, a Miller's Highlife in New York State, a couple of Red Stripes in Jamaica, as many as four steins of the local brew in Munich with an ex-Luftwaffe pilot -- these are legitimate, but keep things within bounds.

The good Book also stresses that a vodka martini is "to be shaken with ice, not, as is more usual, stirred with ice and strained." (The more succinct phrasing comes from the movies; the Book of Bond is drawn from the novels.) However, 007's drink of choice is actually bourbon:

Stick to the well-known brands: Old Grand-dad, I. W. Harper's, Walker's de luxe, Jack Daniel's (though in this country you may find the last one rather hard to obtain). ... For long car journeys or outdoorsy projects, have your flask filled with three-quarters bourbon and a quarter coffee. (Most sustaining.)

So, to recap: Miller's Highlife is the champagne of New York beers, Jack Daniel's is rare, and for a road trip, a flask of bourbon is a good idea.

Bonus points to the person who can tell me:

1. What the following drink, from the book, is called: "Take three measures of Gordon's gin, one measure of vodka, half a measure of Lillet vermouth. Shake very well until ice-cold. Serve in deep champagne goblet with large thin slice of lemon peel."

2. What it has to do with Casino Royale.