Greg Veis, YouTube Hunter: Sportscenter Holiday-tacular!


Tis the holiday season, and the Hunter is swimming in nostalgia. He remembers the fresh snow falling on a Los Angeles Christmas morn. He remembers running downstairs to see what Santa had delivered during his fitful slumber. He also remembers that he was, in fact, Jewish and had received his presents earlier in the month, meaning that Christmas Day would bring little more than a matinee at the AMC followed by some Moo Shoo Pork. (Which, incidentally, never failed to be delicious.)

Oh well. As the Hunter's parents used to say: There's always Sukkot. But, thing is, the Hunter wanted to get you guys something nice for the holidays. Some particularly choice videos. That's when it dawned on him...a compilation of the best Sportscenter advertisements. There really are too many to choose from, so if you feel the list to be incomplete, post some more in the comments section. In the meantime, though, find someone you love, get cozy under a warm blanket, and enjoy.

First off, Michael Buffer leads us into the Sportscenter offices:

Another lobby video, this time with Grant Hill and Dan Patrick fighting off a case of the post-show blues:

These two are classic Charlie Steiner performances -- and the first one showcases Andrew Shue in his last (and only?) moment of greatness:

A classic. The Dan Patrick thumbs up towards the end makes it all worthwhile:

"That's a double negative!"

This is probably the least surprising of the bunch: Craig Kilborn acting like a total jackhole to a PA:

Dada-riffic! Kenny Mayne getting in on the action with Gheorghe Muresan and Karl Ravech:

Never has Billy The Marlin been able to express such poignancy, such anguish. Tear ducts... release thyselves:

And for the grande finale... Griswold Family drum roll please... Bill Bradley interviewing for a job:

Lastly, the Hunter would like to dedicate this column to his partner in Sportscenter-watching crime, Reed Harvey. I hope the rash has cleared up, Reed, and that she's apologized for her role in it.

Happy holidays everyone!